Hello World, my name is Richard van den Bosch, just a guy from the Netherlands. More than a decade ago I started with a few friends the website; 4just1.com this was sort of a Crowdfunding platform for everybody in need of money for a good cause. Unfortunately, due to financial regulations in Europe we had to stop this idealistic idea of communities helping each-other. Any way, now with this PANDEMIC virus at hand I believe that the whole idea of One World is more on top of the political agendas than ever before. Simply because we cannot face these global threats just on a national level. If you ask me; – it’s time to take a look at the big picture – , because at the end we just know that global crisis can only be stopped by working together as one; one world, one nation, one goal, to make sure there is a world where our children have a future.

So what’s in the best interest for our children? That’s my open discussion in this Blog: 4just1world.com